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10% donated to your favorite non-profit Make an appointment while this special is current, 10% of the total will go to your favorite non-profit. Must be a 501-C3, maximum is $100 per customer. Must be mentioned during appointment or dropping off the vehicle.
As always, the service was fantastic. This time, I didn't actually need to do repairs which means it didn't cost me any money. Bonus! EuroAsian verified my intuition that an unnamed tire company was not correct when they said I needed brakes and my rear strut was leaking. Fake news! Anyway, EuroAsian gave me an accurate accounting of both situations, said they did not need attention at this time, and saved me a boatload of money in the process. It's so nice to have an auto repair shop you can trust.
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We bring a whole lot of combined experience!
More than 40 years in business, 80,000 services

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Today's cars are amazing machines, unimaginable to the visioneers of even a few decades ago: sensors and signals, computers and codes, global positioning, and an emerging generation of hybrid engines.

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Environmental Leadership is very important to George Rode and his crew at Euro-Asian. They have done an extreme amount to make as little impact to the fragile world as possible.

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Specializing in the care, repair and service of Japanese, Swedish
and German autos: Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Saab, Volvo,
BMW, Audi, VW and more!


Since 1975, EuroAsian Automotive has carefully and consciously developed an outstanding reputation for integrity and consistently high quality service. Our auto repair shop is small enough to give us the luxury of becoming personally acquainted with you and your vehicle. The average tenure of our five employees is 18 years, so you'll be greeted by the same smiling faces each time you bring your car in. We look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you and your car!

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Test driving a Ferrari 458

The Shop Owner George Rode Drives a Ferrari. George always wanted to drive a Ferrari fast, but could never afford it. He joined his first employee David Shaw, in Las Vegas and they decided to give it a try and see how it felt to drive these luxury vehicles.