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Automotive Myths

Automotive Myths

As a long term automotive shop owner since 1975, I work at giving my customers the proper guidance to ensure longevity of their vehicle without over spending their money. It is a balance that I have worked diligently on. One customer wanted tune-up only 15,000 miles after the previous tune-up was completed. I very kindly and patiently explained that newer vehicles just didn't need service that frequently. When I was done with my spiel, I was feeling good about my integrity, and about saving this good customer money. But his response surprised me: He said that his dad told him (back in the 60’s) that a car should be tuned up every year and I had no place saying that his deceased father was incorrect. Then he hung up, I never did hear from this customer again. The truth is times have changed; today’s vehicles are so much more advanced then vehicles of yesteryear, and so automotive care procedures are different. The word tune-up doesn't even apply to newer ... read more


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