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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Summer driving

Summer driving

It is now summer, the time for vacations and lots of car travel. Car travel has been going up in popularity the past few years, visiting some of the great spots in the US. Getting your vehicle ready for a trip during the hot weather can make a vacation much more stress free. This is most important for vehicles over 80,000 miles or those who have not taken good preventive care of their car. The most important focus should be the cooling system of your vehicle. About 75% of all major engine damage happens when an engine overheats. The cooling system is one of the largest systems of your vehicle. Your repair shop should pay special attention to all the cooling hoses, water pump, radiator and other parts of the system. Newer vehicles use a lot of plastic in the cooling system that gets brittle with age. If one plastic part breaks, it is a very good idea to replace all of the plastic parts of the cooling system at once. That includes a lot of wate ... read more


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