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Buying a vehicle, New or Used?

When buying a vehicle, I was always taught to buy a used vehicle by my family. “It loses 10% or more of its value when you drive it off the lot” I was told.

The US has a used car shortage recently caused by two main factors.

The first being that new car sales were off drastically a few years ago during the down turn of the economy. These are our used cars today. During this downturn of the economy, there was the “Cash for Clunkers” program that removed many used cars from the roads. This shortage has raised used car prices because of supply and demand. The answer is to check new and used prices before buying a newer car. Remember that a year older car sells for less when you get to sell it years from now.

when buying a carWhen buying a used vehicle, it is my recommendations that you have your favorite shop check it over before buying it. I have lots of reasons to suggest this, the difference between sales people and auto techs is that a sales person will tell you everything right about the vehicle while the tech will tell you the problems with the vehicle. The truth is somewhere in the middle. A good UVI, used vehicle inspection, will find problems that do or will need attention.

Please, do you research before you buy.

The April or the on line magazine of Consumer Reports has lots of great information about what to buy and what not to buy and the latest trends of safety and dependability. My last 4 vehicles I bought where Consumer Reports top picks.

Drive many vehicles so you know what is available and to find what you like. And last but not least, ask your favorite shop what they think about the model you have picked.


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