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Car Tip #24


It’s important to keep both sides of your car’s windshield clean. As the summer sun bakes the interior, gases are released which settle on the inside, while bugs and other debris accumulate on the outside. These can combine to dangerously reduce visibility, especially when driving into the sun.

To keep your car’s brakes working properly, change the fluid every two years. Brake fluid tends to absorb water which corrodes parts and lowers the boiling point. If brake fluid boils, the stopping distance of your vehicle could be greatly reduced putting you and your family in jeopardy.
Do you have your vehicle registration and insurance card in your car at all times? If you don’t and you get stopped by a police officer, you will get a traffic ticket, or worse yet, your car could be impounded if you don’t have proof of insurance. Check to make sure you have them both.


Car Care Tips
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