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Car Tip #26

Before leaving for a trip, take your vehicle to a professional. It’s important to check the cooling and air conditioning systems and suspension. Inspect tires for proper pressure, tread depth and alignment. Get a good night’s sleep before you leave and take a break every two hours to stretch.

To get better gas mileage, check tire pressure monthly when your tires are cold. Keep extra weight out of the trunk and limit the use of roof racks – they can reduce mileage by as much as ten percent. And, if the manufacturer recommends premium fuel - don’t try to save money by using regular gas.
If an animal suddenly jumps in front of your car, look where you want to go – not at the animal. Where you look is where the car will go. Apply the brakes firmly, but don’t swerve to avoid the animal. Stay on the road and you will avoid injury – or worse.


Car Care Tips
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