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Fall Driving

Fall is here; time to get prepared for the rains and winter.

fall driving

Rain, snow, and ice all come with fall and winter.

Your tires are your first line of defense between you and the road. Poor tires are just plain dangerous for you and the other people on the road. Make sure your tires are in good condition. Check your tire pressure, the pressure is determined by the automobile manufacturer, not the tire company. You will find your recommended tire pressure on the driver’s door jamb, glove box lid or in your owner’s manual.

When inspecting tires, make sure the wear pattern across the tire is ever. If not, an aliment is imperative. A vehicle with poor alignment wears out tires quickly and doesn’t handle properly

Coolant check, 50-50 mixture of antifreeze/water. That will bring it down to -34 the recommended level for winter and so the cooling system doesn’t corrode and rust.

Battery check. A battery receives its electric energy from chemical reactions. The colder it is, the less power a battery has. And on top of this, a cold engine requires more power to crank it over. Cold weather is a test for a battery. Get your battery checked before it deserts you.

Replacing wipers every fall is a good idea. The time frame varies on how pitted your windshield is. Looking at your windshield from the side, you can see how badly it is pitted, these pits chew up wipers

Make sure your heater operation, defrost and air conditioning (A/C) is working properly. A/C takes the moisture out of the air so your windows don’t fog up

Check your washer fluid and operation. Make sure your windshield is clean both inside and out, that the headlights are clean and adjusted correctly. Sight is 99% of the input for driving, make sure you can see.

When driving in the rain, I put Rain-x or another window polish on your windshield. It really improves your vision.


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