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Winter Driving Tips

Winter fuel mileage.

One of the common complaints we get going into the cooler weather is the fuel mileage decreases, up to 4 miles per gallon. This is so true for a few reasons. The first is that a cold engine is not as efficient as a warn engine and it takes a longer time for the engine to reach operating temperature. The second reason is there is a change in the fuels you buy. Yes, there is a winter and summer fuels that are used. There are many different reasons but in a nut shell it boils down to two reason. One is performance and drive-able, the other being keeping the pollution more in check.

Quick check list for winter

  1. Check tires for tread depth, pressure and wear pattern.
  2. Replace wiper
  3. Check coolant, replace if over 4 years old
  4. Have battery checked, replace if over 6 years old
  5. Check and clean cowl drains under hood in front of windshield.
  6. Check all lighting
  7. Repair if check engine light is on.
  8. Make sure heater, defroster is working.
  9. Clean all windows, inside and out.
  10. Do not drive until all windows are free from frost and dew.

There is no reason to warm up your vehicle in cold weather before you drive it. Just get in, start it and drive off. You will want to be careful about using full acceleration until you temperature gauge gets to the normal area. Just drive as is you have a egg under the gas pedal until the engine warms up. It is better for your car, better for the environment and better for your pocketbook. A car idling and not moving gets horrible fuel mileage and just pollutes.

The only acceptation to this is to use the heater to defrost the windows or you hate to be cold.

Tip from George

If an animal jumps out in front of you, continue to look where you want to go, not at the animal. Where you look, the car will go. Apply brakes firmly but don’t swerve to avoid the animal. Many accidents and deaths happen from swerving to avoid the animal.


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