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The best! I've sent so many people to Dan and Brian and my assessment has always been confirmed - this is one incredible shop. I'm moving to Portland but will bring my car to Eugene when I can....they always give you the "real" story, never, ever talk down to you, and the repairs are done professionally and well - not to mention in a timely manner. There is always a loaner car or bicycle if you prefer. Dan even gave me help in purchasing a new car. You will not be disappointed!


I love cars. Unfortunately, while in law school, I do not have the opportunity to do alot a work on my car myself. In such case, I would Iike to take my car in a mechanic who I can trust not to rip me off and do the job right in a timely manner with a smile on his/her face. I had such a mechanic for my car when I lived back in Los Angeles. It took me a while to find such a mech here in Eugene, but now that I have found it, I feel like I have hit the jackpot.I first visited this place when I owned my Acura to get a oil change. Now, with cars, I am a little snobbish, so I like to put in my own oil and own filters. In the past, I have run into some shops who will not change my oil for me if I request to use my own oil and filter. Not at EuroAsian. Not only did they comply with my request, they did it with a smile, fast, and at a fair price. I appreciated this and I remembered this.On my second visit, I brought my other car, a BMW to the shop to get the thermostat replaced. BMWs are generally expensive to maintain, and being a law student, I like to do my best to cut cost with driving this car, while at the same time treat this car with the respect she deserves. EuroAsian replaced my thermostat without any hassle or hustle. They informed me of another issue with the car they notice, but that was it; they informed me and did not try to push me into getting the work done. In fact, they informed me that I would be good for a while with the problem but that it would be wise to get it fixed soon. Because of this frankness and professional work they did with the thermostat, I returned to the shop and had the subsequent work done on my car. When I compare price points of the type of work I had done, I certainly got fair and even somewhat discounted deals. Considering how particular BMW work can be, I was certainly appreciative of the fast and honest approach of Euro Asian. The shop is certainly my place to go for my automotive needs for my duration here in Eugene.

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